Hi I'm Shaon!

Pronouns: he/him

I'm a student at the University of British Columbia. I love doing things that allow me to combine my passion for technology with my drive to help others through making meaningful technology

I have been able really lucky to use my skills in a couple experiences:

Thanks for reading through all this and please feel free to reach out!

Recent Work

Social Media Application

Facebook like full-stack application which uses a GraphQL as the query language alongside Express and Node to communicate with a MongoDB database which handles back-end requests

Financial Voice Assistant

Voice assistant using Python which successfully recognizes user voice input, gathers pertinent information on various equities and financial instruments and speaks out natural sentences

Twitter Clone

Interactive Java Desktop application which allows users to create/save a profile, like tweets, follow/unfollow users, and create tweets.

BestBuy Photo Demo

Made a component for the BestBuy website, with a scheduling portion in addition to a picture upload feature

Natural Disaster Tracker

Python project to track natural disasters connected to the NASA EONET API, and had it graphically track natural disasters